Can I access eJudgements’ South African Online Law Reports from anywhere?

Yes. eJudgements’ South African Online Law Reports is Cloud-based, meaning that it can be accessed from anywhere via the internet. This means that any computer or smartphone with internet access will be able to use the site, and it is not network-bound.


Is it safe using the Cloud?

Yes. eJudgements’ South African Online Law Reports uses Microsoft SharePoint as its platform. SharePoint is fully secured and it is highly unlikely to be unavailable due to network or other issues.


Does eJudgements only include ‘reportable’ judgements?

No. We do mark the judgements are ‘reportable’ and ‘not reportable’, but we include everything that is available.

The principle behind eJudgements is to allow the user to decide what is important to them. We do not decide for the user what should be made available or not. By use of the search function as well as the numerous filters, users can decide for themselves what they are looking for.


Are all judgements tagged?

Currently only judgements added since September 2017 are completely tagged. All judgements are tagged according to court. We are currently working through the historic cases. The Constitutional Court and Supreme Court of Appeal cases are being given priority. The fact that cases have not been fully tagged does not detract from the fact that they are fully searchable.