How Much Does It Costs?

eJudgements does not carry the extensive staff and other costs of the major commercial publishers and does not cross-subsidise other divisions. Therefore subscriptions are reasonable and extremely competitive.

All subscriptions run from the date of activation (ie when you log in for the first time) to that date in the future (monthly, annually, as the case may be).

A monthly subscription, giving full access for one month is R150 per month. This is renewable on a monthly basis.

A six-month subscription subscription is R750, or R125 per month.

An annual subscription is R1200, or R100 per month.


Group rates, applicable to attorneys’ firms or groups of advocates, etc, are available on request. Please send an email to with details of the type of group or firm and the number of potential users.

eJudgements can also set up a group site for firms, with the full ability of users to edit or comment on cases and create sub-pages or wikis which is only accessible to authorised users of that group site.